Eight Lessons from the ANA Masters of Marketing Annual Conference

Those of you with your finger on the pulse of marketing trends in the US and abroad, may have heard about or even attended last week’s ANA Masters of Marketing Annual Conference in Orlando. Roughly 3,000 marketing professionals showed up to inspire or be inspired by the best in business, but for those of you who didn’t make it, here are some highlights: If you’re looking for quality marketing, you need to consider the Inbound Marketing Company, Fannit.


Masters of Marketing

A Brand with a Plan

You know what problems your product or brand solves, but who else knows? Who are your brand’s champions? Chief Marketing Officer of General Mills, Mark Addicks said [Mark Addicks quote here] Cheerios is not just about breakfast cereal, it’s about families. Cheerios’ marketing campaign that celebrates the diversity of American families, was their way of tapping into their brand’s champions. How will you find your brand champions?

The Importance of Values

Companies are driven by the unique culture they create, and everyone in your workforce is a representative of that culture. In the words of Marty St. George, Senior Vice President of Jet Blue, [Marty St. George quote here]. Every one of your employees, regardless of position, is a walking billboard for your company and its values. When your employees know and live your brand values it make a powerful statement.

Art is Everywhere

[Craig Dubitsky quote here] was the message of Craigs Dubitsky, Founder and CEO of Hello Products. These days, so much of what we see is about appearance, especially in marketing. Even so, the little things can often get overlooked. Craig Dubitsky’s line of oral care products and their packaging shows us that everything can be beautiful.

Entertainment Tonight

Think about the most memorable marketing campaigns in history. What made them stick in people’s minds? Were they smarter? sexier? funnier? Dolf van den Brink, President and CEO of Heineken USA left his audience with this simple yet powerful advice. [Dolf van den Brink quote here]

Purpose and Practice

When Bank of America was having a tough time during the recession, Anne Finucane, Global Chief Strategy and Marketing Office of Bank of America learned that, [Anne Finucane quote here] and made that the main goal at Bank of America. Find the thing that guides your every decisions and stick to it.

Just a Moment

Jeff Jones talked about his experience as the CMO of Target, and the trials they have faced in the past year. His advice: [Jeff Jones quote here]. Instead he said, to focus on the moments that help you push forward, stay positive, and are in keeping with your brand promise.

The Future is Now

In Kirk Perry’s speech he emphasized the importance of pushing for innovation. By focusing on possibilities and solutions we can create a different world. He says that, [Kirk Perry quote here]. As the President of Brand Solutions at Google he has done exactly that with Project Loon, an ambitious undertaking to bring the internet to the entire world. Consider using the services of a quality Seattle web design firm here.

Leaving a Legacy

What is your legacy? What is your company’s legacy? According to Jim Stengel, the President of The Jim Stengel Company [Jim Stengel quote here]. Applying the lessons of leadership as we go through each day makes what you do about more than just paying the bills.

There were many lessons to take away from this year’s conference. How will you use them to grow and improve your own brand strategies? If you’re looking for Inbound Marketing Services in the Seattle area then follow the previous link.